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Water Fasting Health Benefits : Reset Your System and Start Afresh.

Some of the questions that came to me a few months in the health and fitness journey were : ‘why my healthy eating and exercising aren’t helping much ?’and ‘what can I do to start seeing the positive changes?’.

Hello dear reader! And welcome back to my site! Today I’m going to talk about a very important topic that sometimes we tend to not be aware of when starting the healthy lifestyle journey. You see it’s easy to jump on the healthy eating and gym wagons, hoping for the best. Well, I’m not saying that you are most likely to not see improvement in your health, no no no, what I am saying is that you can speed up the process and increase the level of nutrients’ absorption by your body by doing things a bit more differently. So what is it that we are missing out on? Detox! Yes, detox again! O detox! How important and very powerful Mr detox can be! I honestly and personally think that detox can never ever be overrated. Now , there are many detox methods. I have touched on mucoid plaque cleanse as well as recipes for mucoid plaque,  natural internal body cleansing and covered green detox products such as the Science Based Green Detox reviews before. All these stuff are great and we’ll be covering them all in detail as we go along, however today I will talk about prolonged water fast. What is it, Its benefits and how to go about it. So let dive right in guys!

What is prolonged water fasting?

prolonged water fasting can go even beyond 21 days

Prolonged water fasting is when you go for a relatively longer period than usual without food, solid or liquid, having only water and this, not tape water but highly purified alkaline water. Why do I say relatively long? Well, we need to be careful here, though fasting can yield big health benefits to our bodies, it is good to remember that all of us are not on the same level in our health pursuits. So, if you have never fasted before, it is good to start slowly. You can start with 18 hours of water fasting, then gradually increase to 24 carefully listening to your body as you go along. As your body starts getting accustomed to fasting, you can increase to 48, 72 hours etc. you can do this on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your health goals. It is good to know however that the longer the fast, the more benefits you get. Normally  21 days is the magic number but some people can go even to a higher number than that. For someone to fully experience the benefit of water fasting it is advised to go up to or beyond 21 days. Research has shown that the human body can go on without food for as long as 382 days(O Yes!) but it cannot go very far without water(maximum 3 days). However this type of fast should not be done unsupervised : it is highly recommended to do such kind of fast under expert supervision because you can cause more damage to your body when this isn’t done properly.

Benefits of a prolonged water fasting

Prolonged water fasting benefits, if done properly, can be life changing.

Fasting is a very ancient but timeless practice and its benefits, when done properly, can be life changing. I have personally done fasting mostly dry fasting and intermittent fasting but recently I have embarked on water fasting and the longest one I have done so far is a 7-day water fasting. Apart from weight loss benefits I experienced many other benefits : mind clarity, more agility, skin glowing. I had pruritus or anal itching for a long period of time and this dissipated into thin air. I also had skin itching and honestly I just was mind-blown when the itching just got done with! Just 7 day and this encouraged me to dig more into this. And now I am looking forward to increasing the time. So what happens to your body when you go deeper : close, up to or even past the magic number(21)? Tremendous things can happen to your body such as: regrow of brain cells and improve memory, increase energy level of the body, autophagy, enhanced stem cell production, decrease tumor growth, increase antioxidants, increase cell resistance to stress. Many disease are naturally cured without any input except  water that helps the body in getting rid of toxins.

Embarking on a prolonged fast

As said earlier, it is always good to fast in tune with your body. Listen to your body, do not try to force it. And as your body get used to this practice you can go on a more prolonged fast up to and even past 21 days. Now, for the 21 day fast, it is highly advised to do this under expert supervision. This way you minimise the risks of complications and get more and more benefits from the experience. There is quite a number of people helping out in navigating through the waters of prolonged water fasting. The one program that I have closely followed and i am looking forward to be part of is the Tanglewood wellness center water fasting program. You can see my review on this health center here. Personally I think this an experience every person should seek to have in their lifetime because it can be life changing and reset your system so that you start on a ‘new’ page. It is another chance that God gives us to reverse the many damages we have caused to this tent of us called body.

So what is your experience with fasting? I’d be more than glad to hear your experience. Let me know also if you have tried the Tanglewood Wellness Center and how it went. Kind regards!

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