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Water fasting programs and resources reviews

Here are some of the programs that one can adhere to for a water fasting experience. Depriving your body of all sort of nutrients from outside and allowing it to feed only on the stored ones from the many years of eating can be a very difficult but rewarding experience through which the body can be cleansed from toxins that have built up throughout the years. Many people have had their chronic illnesses being partially or totally reversed through this experience. When your body is cleansed/ detoxified, it is easy now for it to absorb nutrients and move onto a whole new dimension of wellness that can never be overrated. Below are some programs that specialize in water fasting and other sorts. We may add a few more to the list as we go along.

Tanglewood Wellness Center

the center is run by Loren Lockman who is its founder

Tanglewood Wellness Center is located in Costa Rica. With a bright climate all throughout the year, fresh air, beautiful gardens and expert supervision this Center is a great place to have your system reset to its original state and/or much better while relaxing and being supervised by experts. How much time you spend getting your system detoxified is based on your health needs and determined upon registration. The water fasted upon goes through intensive filtration process and is the purest possible. Upon breaking of fast, participants are helped transition back to eating with naturally grown foods, these are locally grown produces. The Center has also a library and equally important is : you are not alone. You will find many others coming from across the globe for the same experience under the main supervision of Loren Lockman, the founder of this Center. For the people not able to make it physically to the Costa Rican campus, a ‘Fasting alternative’ via Skype is offered. The center’s website offer more details.

FastWayToHealth (FWTH)

FWTH is run by health nerd Mitch Asser and his siter Sam Asser a holistic health coach

FastWayToHealth (FWTH) is an online platform that offers access to thousands of resources live and otherwise about fasting, nutrition, detoxification, mindfulness, mental health, physical exercising and more. FWTH connects and allows you to collaborate with the world’s best and up-and-coming health and wellness coaches, holistic doctors and nutrition researches to bring you the latest most cutting edge tools, techniques and strategies with fasting, natural health, reversing disease and losing weight to achieve the health, energy and vitality you desire. Click here to  become a member , here and here to dive right into the fasting arena.

Are there any other centers , programs that you know that offer same or similar services? Let us know in the comment section below. Looking forward to learning from you. Peace.


Fasting is documentary directed by Doug Orchard and featuring Dr Jason Fung(a well renowned advocate of fasting)about 7 different methods advocated by many world’s leaders of fasting. It covers time-restricted feeding, intermittent and prolonged fasting, long-term water fasting, religious fasting, eating disorders; amongst other topics. It comes in various HD, SD formats. Also, it can be streamed from Amazon via Amazon Prime. Very interesting documentary that features many people that have experienced all sorts of fasting and have come out of it to give their testimony.

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  1. This is very informative. I never knew you could go to a facility to do this. The online option is an accommodative option, especially when the weight becomes a healthy issues but still need to make money. Detox is clearly an important part of healthy weight loss, the water detox is appealing. Do you know how long this would take?

    1. hello Zikora! thanks for your feedback. It depends. it is upon registration that they’ll tell you how much time you should go through the fasting for optimum health results. most people do the 21 days but this is not a must, it can vary slightly or greatly. You can follow the link and get in touch.

      let me know how it goes. cheers

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