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The health and fitness journey : Why you should not feel guilty when you don’t get it right all the times.

Hello dear friend and welcome to my website once again. Today I have decided to take a break from the normal way of doing things and get a bit real with you! You know many times we get caught up in the dos and donts we forget that we are human beings! That we are meant to be and NOT to do and by JUST being, everything falls in place…..

well, the truth of the matter is we can be so many things as the days go by but one or two things I would like us to be or try and pretend to be is : patient and kind. Being patient and kind to yourself in this health and fitness journey.

Be KIND to Yourself

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Be kind to yourself. to do not beat yourself up if you do not meet your targets in this health and fitness journey

You see it is easy for us to sometimes sit in this “law makers” seat and start telling friends, family, etc. what they are doing wrong and how they should lead their lives, what they should eat, not eat, drink, not drink,etc. You see, being rigid I mean.

Though this approach might be beneficial in some ways and work, it is always good to extend leaves of grace and acknowledge that this is a journey! Things won’t turn green overnight. We have been leading these unhealthy lifestyles for ten, twenty, thirty, etc. years so do not expect to see overnight change or that the body will just line up overnight. It will take time . So be kind to yourself when you don’t get it right, because I promise you you will not get it all right overnight if at all. Your body and mind will not get it overnight so be aware of that. Do not beat yourself up when you don’t get it right, just be kind to yourself. Give yourself a pat of encouragement on the back and go merrily on with your day.

Set Yourself REALISTIC Target

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Set realistic targets to yourself.

Start small! a village is not built in one day, let alone a city! and you are building a very big one baby! so start small. do not despise the days of humble beginnings! those small, baby steps will build up and before you know it you’re a champion! a person that others can look up to just the same way you are looking up to your mentors at this stage and still at the advanced stages! never be too proud not to look up to anyone at any stage of your journey! that’s called : BEING HUMBLE baby and it pays! always. I promise you!

Be PATIENT With Yourself

As said earlier, it will take time: for the body and mind to be in sync and adjust to the new path; also for you to see the changes that you are looking forward to . Changes in how you feel, how you look(appearances), in your mood(yes!) and so on and so forth. So do not start drinking more water, increase your green intakes, join the gym, etc. today and expect to start seeing changes tomorrow! Because if that’s the mindset you have got, you are well set up for disappointment and that’s not good. Instead, be patient! Be persistent, be stubborn in doing good and soon or later you’ll reap the benefits! you’ll have the last laugh. This isn’t a destination, it is a journey! You have embarked on a lifetime journey. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride ba.by!

Make it FUN! Make it ENJOYABLE! Make It Memorable!

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Make your health and fitness fun! enjoyable! memorable

With the easy access to worldwide resources through the internet, we have got no excuses to have a boring life any more let alone a boring health and fitness journey. So many resources(videos, audio, articles, etc.) to help you spice up your journey! So use the internet in your advantage! Stay tuned and enjoy yourself. Also, stay connected in the real time by inviting friends and family to join you for more accountability. So many apps and programs out there to help you stay on the right track. I have combined some of them here to help you stay focused and happy on your health and fitness journey. Make sure you check them out here.

Before you start your health and fitness journey

Defining Health and Fitness

So how are you doing on your health and fitness journey? Are you being kind to yourself? Or you beating yourself up? Are you making it fun and enjoyable? Are your friends, family and friends rooting for you? wait a minute :  have you even started yet? Ahahaha! that’s another good question to ask!

Whether you have already started, or are still considering your options! We at my health and fitness first, are rooting for y’all! So let us know where you’re at in the comment section below! Peace!

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