Tap water : all you need to know.....

My Love Story with Tap Water…..

The drinking water i grew up with was boiled tap water

Growing up, I really do not remember getting my drinking water directly from the tap; may be I did a couple of times but honestly I don’t remember. We would fetch water from the tap and then boil it, wait for it to settle then carefully pour it in a 5 or three liters plastic bottle and finally refrigerate it or just put it by the side to be consumed within 3 to four days maximum…. that’s the water system I knew almost my entire life from as far back as I can remember until I traveled and went to a neighboring country…there I found bottled water…well, we had it back home but I was not just exposed to it and it was not so popular but in that neighboring country, it was the norm…part of the culture…but because old habits die hard, I just continued with my old habits…

And The Story Continues….

Later in my life, I moved even further and came to this country where they have drinking water straight from the tap, gladly! “Out of choice”(“willingly”)!… well I wasn’t so keen on this, so I calmly ask this respectable lady why she is drinking tap water and she went on telling me that the water was straight from the mains and is as “safe” as bottled water ! I wasn’t so much convinced but I did not want to argue much. It was a period of my life when I was dead broke to afford bottled water on a regular basis and dead lazy to boil my own water…this went on for a couple of months until one day I just felt that something was wrong with this water so I decided to do a bit of research….

The search

First of all I went on google and asked whether tap water in this particular country was safe to drink straight from the tap and what I found was positive. It was said that this water was as safe as the bottled one with a ph ranging from 6.9 onward……well, I am not advocating any type of water here, just giving a feedback on my findings.

This did not settle with me. I went further to learn more, I mean the origin of this water and how safe it was  and the truth was very very …let me say : ugly…

Tap water, its origins…

The water from our tapes mainly comes from toilets and bathrooms.

Most tap water is basically recycled toilet  or wash-rooms water. It is the water that everyone in town or city has used the bathroom in and showered in, which  has been sent to  treatment facilities where load of chemicals are used to eliminate pathogens and all the other microbes and bacteria and make it look clean before shipping it to the faucets for consumption through taps. So this is the water we are drinking, cooking, showering with, etc. these processes are unable to remove all the sediments that are contained in that water. Although the pH of this water is mostly either neutral or slightly alkaline, this water still contains heavy metals such as zinc, copper, cadmium… It is also good to know that this water is fluoridated.

Side effects of Fluoride and electrolysis tests

  • Fluoride

Fluoride has been advertised to be good for strong and good looking teeth, however the side effects of this substance can be quite damaging. The fluoride in tap water is in fact an industrial waste and can go as far as affecting the brain. Evidence does appear to show that the pineal gland and the central nervous systems functioning are severely affected by high exposure to fluoride. Those exposed can therefore become docile and passive due to the distortion of melatonin production.

  • Electrolysis tests

Many electrolysis tests have been conducted on the tap water from the UK for example and America to name just a few and the results have been very eye opening. When various particles are detached from each other, the sediments and heavy metals come on top and the water color changes from clear to dark or yellow. Now when it is yellow, that means the water is not that bad, the yellow color in most cases meaning that the water particles are being detached from the water particles and that’s alright, although their might still be some bad stuff hiding behind the yellow color therefore it is not good to gamble away your life with tap water overall. The dark color is very bad and that is a sign of very heavy metals in your water….

So what….?

Water from tape is not safe for drinking

Well, just let put it this way : tap water is not safe water. You can run all the electrolysis tests you want on it but honestly not to finally drink it when it shows you some hopeful indications such as ‘yellow’ color for ‘good minerals’ but for goodness sake, chuck it away. Well, so what’s the way forward? Boiling? No! Although boiling water can help get rid of bacteria and microbes, this does not eliminate the heavy metals that are most likely to be in there or the fluoride or chlorine! What about bottled water? Well, we’ll talk more about this and more in subsequent posts.

So what’s the way forward…..?

Well there are thousands of bottled water sold out there but if , you like me would like not to spend loads of money on buying bottled water you can either filter or mineralize or distill your tap water. These options are much better than drinking water straight from the tap and save you loads of money.  You can learn more about these processes and more here.

Thank you very much for reading this much, please let me know what you think in the section below. until next time, Peace!

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