Tanglewood Wellness Center review : Revitalize your body

Product : This is a Center that runs experts supervised water fasting.

Price : Prices below are based on double-occupancy. Normally people are placed into twos unless they want to have their private room which will mean $50.00 extra fee per day. Also, for people who cannot make it to Costa Rica physically, there is a Skype Option, the most recent prices are  as listed below.


Tanglewood Wellness Center Prices

Tanglewood Wellness Center Skype Sessions

Refund Policy: The Center operates a non-refund policy.

My Rating : 9.5 out of 10.

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Tanglewood Wellness Center, Overview and pros

tanglewood wellness center

Tanglewood Wellness Center is a fasting center located in Costa Rica. With a bright climate all throughout the year, fresh air, beautiful gardens and expert supervision this Center is a great place to have your system reset to its original state and/or much better while relaxing and being supervised by experts. How much time you spend getting your system detoxified is based on your health needs and determined upon registration. The water fasted upon goes through intensive filtration process and is the purest possible. Upon breaking of fast, participants are helped transition back to eating with naturally grown foods, these are locally grown produces. The Center has also a library and equally important is : you are not alone. You will find many others coming from across the globe for the same experience under the main supervision of Loren Lockman, the founder of this Center. For the people not able to make it physically to the Costa Rican campus, a ‘Fasting alternative’ via Skype is offered.

In this center you get a full attention of not only from the founder and owner of the Center but also from a team of staff which are extensively trained and fully committed to both your health and their own. These people went through fasting and are still so they will pretty much relate to the experience that you are going through. One member of staff is allocated to two guests. The food is home grown and fresh, the climate is bright, sunny all year round and that is also a plus. They offer many other services like massage(prices ranging from $60.00 to $250.00), shuttle services to help pick up guests to the airports(prices ranging from $80.00 to $160.00) and meditation.

Tanglewood Wellness Center : The Cons

Well, there are always two sides to a coin so here we turn over to the other side. One con that I found about this program is the non-refund policy. First of all you have to make a $900.00 non-refundable deposit. And also, if for one reason or another you need to leave earlier than planned, there is no refund for the unused time. But again compared to the level of health and wellness that your body and mind will attain, it is worth the while to fully go for it. The other thing also, it is not local to most people who are interested so there is that traveling factor. Though it is greatly more beneficial to go there in person , not all people can do that so there is the Skype option where Mr Lockman helps you go through the water fasting experience remotely.

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