Science based green detox

Science Based Green Detox Review : Increase your energy level and do more

What is Science Based Green Detox?

Science Based Green Detox is a superfood detox supplement powder created by fitness expert Thomas Delauer founder of SixPackAbs. It contains over 10 key superfoods. The Green Detox main purpose is to help fully detoxify the body, getting rid of toxins. Moreover, the vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants  within Green Detox help  improve metabolism and mental clarity; boost energy levels, burn excess unwanted fat and strong unhealthy cravings. This product is sugar-free, Keto and Vegan friendly.

Science Based Green Detox : more details

Product price : $77.00

Cheapest place to get one : Amazon. Current Price : $44.78

Net weight : 5.82 ounces | 165grams.

Manufacturers: SixPackAbs.

Guarantee : not specified.

Flavors: Apple pie and Chocolate Mint

Science Based Green Detox : My honest, unbiased review.

I bought this product at the height of the hype when almost every couple of minutes while enjoying my YouTube videos the ad would pop up. It showed Thomas Delauer surrounded with loads of vegetables ready for juicing and then the whole place would get messy… he demonstrated how tiresome and cumbersome the whole process of going to the groceries, buying vegetables and then juicing was and that made sense to me because I could relate. Besides that preserving the vegetables or the remaining juice is always a challenge. After doing my own research on the product, I went ahead and purchased it despite it being a bit too pricey. The first things that turned me off was the shipping cost and the product size( very small). But because of the benefits I was hoping to get from it, I tried to call myself down and started the journey.

My first impressions: the smell and taste

The smell was a strong apple-like smell which I liked. After doing the mixing(1 scoop of the powder in 6 ounces of water), I went ahead and drank. Well, I have had other vegetable supplements before so I had an anticipated taste in my head but because they said it tastes like apple pie so I went for that taste. I And no! I did not get it really. tastes like vegetables but with a hint of apple, however it was quite sweet so I had to add a bit more water but overall I liked the smell and the taste. I did not have problems drinking it, because the taste was good.

My impressions after 30 days :

Well, the main reason beside detox why I bought the Science Based Green Detox was to help improve my bowel movement. I think detox and bowel movement should most of times go hand and in hand. When your bowels are getting detoxed, they should move more right? Well, after two 30 days here are the outcomes : my bowel movements improved a bit but not really dramatically. My bloating and my wind passing also went down. I became more energized and getting up in the morning was not a struggle anymore.
I became more energized, getting up in the morning was not a struggle anymore
Overall the one major downside to me was the product size: small compared to the price. I wished otherwise but thankfully now on Amazon, I can get it at a more affordable price. I think I needed more than one to experience the full benefit but due to the price and the shipping cost(as I am located outside the USA) I was not motivated to buy again. But the effects I got from it, although not very dramatic, were noticeable to a good extent. The product contains over a dozen of superfoods, no artificial sweeteners,is Keto and Vegan friendly. To really experience the full benefit, I think one needs a couple of them over a period of 2 to 3 months and above.  Overall I honestly think it is worth the try especially now with the discount on Amazon and with Amazon Prime you can get it to your door as quickly as the next day.

Apple Pie(first) and chocolate Mint(second)


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