Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water

The market is saturated with bottles of water so how are they all different? What should you look for in packaging? The truth is that a lot of these waters are not smart to buy. Packaging and marketing is really misleading and because the water industry has become like the fashion industry; people are buying based on what’s in style, what does the bottle look like? what celebrity is drinking it. Or simply not knowing better. But the question is : is bottled water as good, excellent, “pure” as it’s portrayed by the advertisement companies?

Today we are tackling this subject once and for all! So sit back, relax and enjoy the read…

1.Safety Issues…

a.Dubious sources, dubious PH

question mark in ocean
Most bottled water sources and P.H are dubious

Ever wondered where the water in your bottle come from? where’s the water from, what’s in it and what is its real PH level?

  • Dubious sources….

Nearly half of bottled water is tap water research has shown. Have you ever really questioned the origin of your bottled water? like seriously? if the answer  is yes, you would know that in most cases the origin of the water isn’t often fully disclosed if at all. The labels will say spring water, glacier water or mountain water; the problem is that these words aren’t regulated so the water in the bottle doesn’t necessarily come from those sources. In the book bottled and sold, the story behind our obsession with bottled water, the author Peter Gleick says that several studies show about 45% of all bottled water comes from municipal sources.

There is very little oversight of the bottling process . For example an article published on the US National Resource council website state that 60 to 70% of the bottled water sold in the USA is exempted from the FDA’s bottled water standards. So all you are most likely paying for is the packaging….

  • Dubious PH

It is now mainstream that most bottled water (even the most “prestigious” ones)PH is below 7.00 which is the borderline safe PH for water . Anything with a p.h less than 7.00 is acidic and when your water is acidic this is poisonous to your organism because this acid will go into your bloodstream and cells , weaken your immune system and cause you many health issues.

b.If Bottled water was actually municipal tap water in a bottle with a label on it…..

Water from tap is not safe for drinking

Tap water is one of those ones that should be avoided at all cost. It has many substances in it that are so harmful so the body such as:

  • Chlorine ….

Chlorine is added to our water to kill bacteria and microbial pathogens that can make us sick. However on the flip side of the coin, chlorine can be very harmful to the organism. Researches have shown that cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is over 90% greater than among those whose water is chlorine free. Also, chlorinated water has been found to be a player in increased heart disease.

  • Fluoride

Fluoride , as we know, is added to our water to help prevent tooth decay. A lot of experts have testified to this. However, countries that add fluoride to water have not shown lower statistics in tooth decay than countries that do otherwise. Fluoride is equally linked to many other health issues such as : kidney failure and other kidney diseases, diabetes, nutrients deficiency, weak immune system, etc.

  • Heavy metals

Municipal tap water still contain heavy metals such as arsenic, chromium, cadmium, lead, selenium. These metals are accumulated in the body because the body cannot process them due to their inorganic nature. In the long term this will cause many serious side effects to the body such as cancer, hormone imbalance, etc.

  • Drug traces

Trace amounts of prescription drugs can be found in municipal tap water….

c.If Bottled water was actually what it is says it is: “Pure”, from pristine natural water sources….

The journey between that bottle of water and you would still be enough to make this water not safe enough to drink. The water treatment facilities were it come from are not next door, so the water has to travel long distances to get to you. This put the bottles under tremendous pressure, expose them to heat sources such as the sun.

Research has demonstrated that plastic exposed to high temperatures decomposes gradually and leaves the micro particles of plastic in the water, which in turn we ingest. Causing  more health damages. Moreover, this water from “reliable” sources not only contain good minerals but is also most likely to have bad minerals such as fluoride and other unknown ones which are harmful to our bodies.

Even the best bottled water does still most likely contain harmful substances…

2.Environmental Issues…

Most water come from places that cannot afford pumping millions of gallons of water off the ground year in year out. The closest example is Nestle pumping water out of a National Forest in California which has been subject to many years of severe drought.

On the other side, the amount of waste and pollution associated with bottled water keeps increasing unceasingly every day. Most of the bottles are not recycled but get dumped in landfills, streams, oceans endangering the planets at a massive scale. In 2016 , 12.8 billion gallons of water were put into bottles that aren’t biodegradable and unfortunately only 12% of the bottles are recycled so the rest are going to sit around for the next 400 years or so until they fully decompose.

Moreover, in order to bottle water, companies use approximately 17 million barrels of oil every year and that’s just to manufacture the bottles and bottle the water not the transportation to get it to retailers . Watch the video below to gain more understanding on how bottled water is bad for us and the planet.

Bottled water not only is bad for our bodies but also for our planet sustainability.

So what’s the way forward?

There is so much damage to our bodies and planets associated with bottled water that we cannot ignore and sit around and go on with our old ways of doing things. There are many ways of getting better, quality water that we need and also save our planets such as filtering, distilling your own water right from the comfort of your home. Please refer to the articles below for more details on this.

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So what is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below. Peace.

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