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Natural internal body cleansing: best way to help your body absorb nutrients once again

Well, we want to improve our health. We have all these types of diets at our disposal and probably have picked one. But before we do that, we have to acknowledge that no matter how good the diet is, even when you may clean up your diet there may be some stubborn substances or residues that are still stuck in your organs(liver, kidney, stomach,pancreas, etc.) that you won’t be able to get rid of by simply eating green need a deeper cleanse. Embarking on a good diet is a great detox step I must admit. Stopping put the wrong foods and substances in your body as well as on your body, we inject harmful substances into the body through food, liquids, substances abuse, etc. when these substances are organic, the body gets rid of them naturally through faeces, urine, breathing, sweating or perspiration. however, when these are inorganic the body is not equipped to get rid of them very easily if not at all so they stay in various parts of the body in form of mucus or fat cells. When however, there is increase in the toxicity level, the body is subject to weakness and sicknesses and the natural process of detox starts deteriorating. Also to note that subjecting the body to the wrong food, wrong lifestyle habits(sedentary lifestyle,smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.) or simply the process of ageing can weigh on the body natural detoxification process causing it to slow or break down severely. When our body detoxification system is not able to deal with the food intake build-ups, we get sick. This is why organic detoxification is very important. It helps the body get rid of the toxins organically, allowing our organs to get back in shape. Today we are going to talk about two detoxification methods : organs cleansing and Water Fasting.

Internal organs cleansing

human body organ cleansing

Cleansing organs in phases starting with the kidneys allows these to first get rid of their own accumulated toxins before handling toxins from other organs that need to be eliminated through urine. If the kidneys are clogged , the load can stress them further and make the detoxification process fail. That is why they need to be cleansed first and then other organs one by one. In his book, Become Healthy or Extinct , Darryl D’Souza offers many health insights including the cleanse therapy : kidney cleansing, parasite cleanse, intestine cleanse, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, acidity cleanse, cleansing baths and heavy metal cleanse.

Water Fasting

water fasting

The health benefits of fasting can never be overrated. Fasting is an ancient practice that have been practiced for both religious and health purposes. There are various type of fast : juice fast, intermittent fast, water fast, dry fast., etc. Of all these , I am going to discuss the water fast. I will cover other types in subsequent articles.

Water fast is abstinence from all food . It is important to mention that water is not a nutrient. water is necessary for the body utilization of nutrients. One cannot  go very far without water but can go without food. The human body can go many months without food, feeding on the nutrients reserve that has been set up during the many years of feeding. Many water fasting experts advise to go on fast for many days for the body to greatly experience the benefits from fasting such as : rejuvenation, regeneration, elimination of food residues built up in the colon for many years, reversing of many illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hormone imbalance/hormone optimization,obesity,autophagy, stem cell activity, ketosis, resetting the guts microbiome, weight-loss and longevity, resetting of DNA. It is advised to do long days fast(21 days and above) under supervision of experts in fasting so as one may have access to specialized intervention in case of mild or serious complications the body may experience at the start, end or during the fast, such as dizziness, nausea, fatigue, headache/migraine, etc The Complete Guide To Fasting by Dr Jason Fung and his friend Jimmy Moore is a great resource on fasting. Here are some more programs and resources that specialize in helping people going through water fasting as smoothly as possible. These are specialists, doctors, holistic health practitioners who have conducted many fasting episodes helping many paving their ways to  healthy and more productive bodies and lives.

There are certainly many ways to detox the body and we would love to hear you on the methods you have used to do so. Peace to you.

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