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Mucoid Plaque Cleanse : Getting the toxins and parasites out


The importance of detoxification also known as detox can never be overrated. Growing up, I was very familiar with enemas. We used to undergo enemas on a relatively regular basis but as the years went by, this habit seemed to get less and and less ‘famous’ until it was almost no more. Enemas are one of the most common ways to flush toxins out of the bodies. Besides enemas, my parents would sometimes give me some pinkish pills to help me my body get rid of parasites in the form of ascariasis or worms( I mean stomach worms), this also was and still is a way of cleansing out the colons from parasites. I must admit it was very scary seeing those worms coming out of you from the behind but you had to get them out.

Colon cleansing is such an important thing that we can not afford to overlook in this day and age. With the rate of people dying from colon cancer each year on the rise, we have to revisit this topic with more seriousness. With all sorts of junk, packaged /processed/genetically modified foods at our disposal; unhealthy lifestyles(sedentary life, alcohol consumption, too much animal protein ingestion, etc.), there is great need for change. In a previous article, we talked about various ways to get the system detoxified, and the journey goes on. We have got to detoxify. Not just once, but this process should become a lifestyle habit. Colon cleansing is very important and we are talking about it right now… but first things first :

The colon, what is it? What does it do?

the colon
the colon

Let start from the beginning , right!? So what is the colon? The colon or large intestine the last part of the gastrointestinal system, a very important part of the digestive system,After we absorb food in the small intestine, it passes into the large intestine. At the first end of the colon we have the appendix and at the other end, the rectum. The middle part is the Colon which is divided into four parts : the ascending colon which goes from the inferior point of the abdomen to a more superior point or above, the transverse colon in the middle, the descending colon which, as its name suggests, the descending part of the colon and the sigmoid colon in the ‘S’ shape in-between the descending colon and the rectum.

So what does the colon do? In other terms : what is the function of the colon? Well, one of the main functions of the colon is to absorb water to dehydrate the stool and produce the feces(stool). The colon also accumulate the stool and deliver it into the rectum where it is stored prior to bowel movement. The colon does absorb certain nutrients vital to the body for good health, these are inorganic ions: sodium, potassium, chloride, etc. Besides, the colon is rich source of micro-organisms like bacteria which assist in the digestion of nutrients we were not able to do due to the lack of necessary enzymes that are present in the colon. For instance, the micro-organisms in the colon take care of digesting most of the carbohydrates found in food like beans and the likes which are very rich in carbohydrates.

Mucoid plaque : what it is.

mucoid plaqueMucoid plaque is a combination of mucous and food residues that clog the gastrointestinal tract; it builds up along the colon lining. Mucoid plaque is created after years and years of incorrect food combining, toxins, stress, and mucous forming foods. It is like the dirt that is found in sink pipes after many years of use. So while removing this plaque (slowly over time) is an essential piece of the health puzzle, rebuilding the body’s nutrient supply and removing the deeply stored metals, toxins and parasites from our other organs is just as important. This is a very dangerous build up that causes illnesses such as colon cancer. Getting rid of this plaque helps : remove parasites, unclog the intestines, lose weight, increase mental clarity/sharpness, boost the immune system, increase energy level, decrease the risks of developing colon cancer and improves your body’s ability to better absorb nutrients.


How to get rid of the Mucoid plaque

body detox

Many people attempt to get rid of their mucoid plaques on a 3, 7, 14 or 28 day juice cleanse program but this can be too harsh on the body. It requires fasting which depletes our mineral reserves and can exacerbate some mental conditions caused by toxicity. We got into this mess over the course of many decades, it’s going to take some time to reverse it. So take it slow.

There are many recipes to help in flushing the mucoid plaque out of the colon and start afresh on a slate plate. These are not one time recipes but lifelong and thus it is good to use safe methods that do not cause harm to the body. We have gathered some of them here. What goes in must come out, but sometimes not all that goes in comes out so sometimes the body needs some help to get rid of such elements. So here are the ingredients and recipes.

Let us know in the section below what ingredients and recipes you have tried before. Peace.

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