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Is distilled Water Safe To Drink? - What You need to know before Drinking or Bashing It.

Greetings to you my most precious reader and welcome to my new ‘podcast’! Today I am going to talk about water!Water again?!I can hear someone complain in the background. Ahaha! I hear you dear, I have been talking about water for quite sometime now. Yes! Water again! I think one can never go wrong in this time of the year (summer!)talking about water… with the temperatures spiking 33ºC and according to forecast today soon hitting even up to 39ºC, we need hydration! Right? I think water topic should be trending right now…..

So which one…?

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So which water is this about? Well, I hear you! With all sorts of water out there, we really need to be specific : Distilled water my dear. I am going to be talking to you about distilled water. sounds interesting? well, let dive in then….

Water Distillation

What is water distillation?  I briefly talked about water distillation here. It is a water purification method that depletes the water of everything that is distinct from it being minerals or otherwise(microbes, bacteria, heavy metals, drug traces, etc.) to obtain what we can term in essence : “pure water”(H20). Distilling is not filtering. Using distillation, water is turned to steam and condensed back to pure water. This new water contains 0 ppm dissolved solids. All the bad things remain at the bottom of the distiller.

What Is The Best Water Purification System? Plus Mother Nature free gifts to us

Did I hear ‘Pure Water’…?

Well, I knew that was going to create some buzz. Yes dear, you heard me right.

Water Distillation process mimics the process that nature does to purify water called the hydro-geological cycle. The distiller boils water at a very high temperature. This produces evaporation, just the same way the beautiful Sun ,when at its peak, heats up water in oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. This evaporation causes condensation : water condenses into steam tube like clouds form in the sky. The steam converts into water which drips into a glass jar or a stainless steel container like rain falling down from the sky. It is believed that if the planet was safe from pollution, rain water would be 99.99% pure water if fetched from a sterilized container.

The Main controversy Around Distilled Water

Some people and even some health experts believe that distilled water is not safe to drink. Why? The main reason is , according to them, it has no minerals and therefore leaches all the good minerals out of the body, leaving your body sick and wanting for minerals…..well, is that so?

Till this day there Is no deep and extensive research that has shown that distilled water will leach all the good minerals out of your body. This water is 99.99% safe to drink without anything else added to it. For those who think they still need minerals in their water; this can be done by simply putting in the pure water whatever minerals deemed necessary for their body. Some people recommend Himalayan salt among many others.You can find this type of salt here.

We would probably all deadly sick or simply dead by now if we depended on minerals in water to survive, especially those who have been exposed to bare tap water, boiled or even bottled water because all these are not healthy for us. Our minerals should mainly come from the food we take either solid or liquid and not necessarily from water.

Benefits Of Distilled Water

Distilled Water has loads of health benefits. A high end distiller is a source of pure water that will yield great health results to you in the short and most importantly in the long run.

  • It is Pure : distilled water is 99.9 pure. Free from toxins, bacteria, microbes and heavy metals. Also you do not have to worry about the minerals in the water if they are safe for you or their concentrations because there are none. In case there are minerals that you think you need and would like to ingest through water, you can always mineralize your water. This time safely, knowing what’s exactly is in your water and at which percentages. Which I think is a great plus.
  • It eliminates toxins from the body and deeply hydrates the body : distilled water is an ideal cleanse for our bodies, it helps in detoxifying the body. Contrary to what the mainstream thinks, distilled water does not leach the good stuff from the body; it does leach the inorganic minerals instead. It is the only reliable purification system that removes fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals completely from the water and hydrates the body to the core.
  • Distiller’s water PH is neutral which PH water should always have. Distilled water is not acidic, and this is how all water should be always. Acidic fluids and especially water can cause great damage to you both internally (to your system) and externally(for example to your skin).

How To Get Distilled Water

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The best way to get distilled water safe for drinking and any other purposes is to make it using a distiller from the comfort of your home. Buying bottled distilled water is not safe because you do not exactly whether it is indeed distilled or not. Well, suppose it is, water in plastic bottle is another threat to your well-being. The distilled water will leach the plastic from the bottle and you’ll have it in your system once you ingest it. If at all you have to buy distilled water, make sure you buy the one in glass jars or bottles and from the most reliable sources.You can find a variety of high end distillers here,

A water Distiller.

I will end on that note. Thank you very much for reading this far. Let us know in the section below how you think. Peace.


7 thoughts on “Is distilled Water Safe To Drink? - What You need to know before Drinking or Bashing It.

  1. Excellent article. I had no idea that distilled and filtered water were different. This was quite the education for me.  I like the argument you made regarding the benefits of drinking distilled water.

    I think that the minerals can be easily replaced in the water by taking a good supplement.  In my opinion it’s safer trade off by getting rid of the toxins and heavy metals in normal drinking water or the micro plastics in water bottles. 

    The machine you feature is a great way to get consistently pure H2O.  I didn’t know such an alternative existed before reading your article.

    Thanks for the eye opening discussion on the health aspects of distilled water. 

    1. All the pleasure was mine dear. thank you for your feedback. i appreciate highly. yes, those are high end distillers that will last you a long while you should check them on if possible using my link. but otherwise i am really glad i was able to give u some news. stay well!

  2. As a health geek, my ultimate concern is in my water. I live in NYC (we used to call that New York finest) and we used to have the best water but these past 3 years or so I can taste the chlorine in my tap water and that is very alarming.

    I heard from many podcasts as well that water distillation is a way to go. I heard that there are many fluorides from the plants that they do not dispose of them properly leaked to the ground and contaminated out water. 

    Many health experts also suggest what you said that it is really safe to drink distilled water, I mean we make alcohol from distillation how come no health experts say something about that? Anyways, I think adding salt in my water is too weird for me. What I usually do is to put a little organic pink salt underneath my tongue and wash it down it water. 

    I also think that we can get the minerals from the food we eat as well. At least we should drink clean water. Thank you for the review, I will be sure to check the product out.

    1. thank you very much dear Nuttanee! i think with all types of water out there it is about time to start being in control of our own water. the organic pink salt you put under your tongue is most likely to be himalayan salt, but you don’t have to put any thing in your distilled water if you don’t want to. i don’t. thank you very much for the feedback. I appreciate highly.

  3. I found your article to be very interesting even if it just was about water.

    I would like to see some more visuals tho, even if the article is very fluid and easy to read, visuals wouldn’t hurt.

    You say that distilled water is almost completely safe to drink, then what dangers would non-distilled water bring if potentially drunken ?What types of bacteria and what diseases might one get?

    1. Hi PandaMelody and thank you for taking sometime to say hello! I have discussed about about other types of water(distilled and non-distilled) here :



      Please take some time to go through those articles. most non distilled water still contain heavy metals, bacteria, drug traces, chlorine, fluoride etc and you should be very careful in using them in conjunction with alcohol. though in the short term you might not see the bad consequences but in the long turn, the cocktail might backfire on you. so please be cautious. I think distilled water might be the good alternative due to its amazing ability to flush to flush out toxins out of the body. but you should not drink it in conjunction with beer, you should allow for a few hours or just an hour in-between and then have it.

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