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Eating fresh, local and seasonal

What is the format of your food? Where do you buy it from?One of the main secrets to being healthy is to consume whole natural foods, eating local and seasonal. This is an ancient knowledge that has been lost in modern days. We now have foods in unnatural formats(packaged food products). When foods are packaged, they are mixed with chemical substances(stabilizers, preservatives, taste enhancers, coloring agents , etc.) to keep them from decomposition; these substances are toxic to the human body and impairs its functionality. You see, when you ingest all these elements, your digestive system breaks them down one by one and each one, separately from the others, starts acting on the digestive system causing harm to it. Consuming packaged foods as well as packaged juices and fizzy drinks are some of the most dangerous ways to cause damages to the body. We will discuss others in subsequent articles. So what do we do about this? Well, there are many other alternatives out there. A few of them are as follow :

  • Get off packaged food productsget rid of canned foodsYes, I know we have plenty of them around and it is very difficult to get off them. Also, organic is expensive…well, granted but what’s better? Subject your body to toxins in the name of saving or subject your money to consuming healthy for the sake of a great life? A great diet means also a great life. Your energy level is up, your mood is great, your body, including your brain, functions properly and you are able to accomplish more and be of great use to society. Eating and drinking fresh( fresh fruits, fresh salads, fresh vegetables, spring water, etc.) is one of the keys of reversing many chronic diseases. By getting off packaged foods, you save not only yourself but also the planet. So many packages are wasted in the land field and end up in the sea causing massive damages to the planet overall. Also, you save trees from being cut down because so many of them are made of paper. Other environmental problems that are caused due to the production of plastic and other forms of packaging for the packaging of these foods will be solved if we start eating fresh.
  • Develop the habit of checking your food :read food labels alwayschecking your food content, checking out the people behind these products : are they nutritionists or just companies manufacturing what is selling out. I understand it can be very easy to completely or at all get off packaged food. So the best thing you can do to yourself is to develop the habit of checking your food content: what’s in your food and to what extent? Is is compatible with your diet or general nutritional guidelines. We will touch more on this topic in subsequent topics. Also, it helps to know the people behind the product. Are they nutritionists or not? This gives you more confidence in endorsing or not this product.
  • Eat seasonal Eat local Eat localBy eating seasonal local and organic we are maximizing the grace of getting all the nutrients from the foods. Food is fresh and is not coming from afar to get to you. Eating seasonal allows our bodies to get a variety of nutrients in fresh formats all throughout the year.
  • Put a demand on the food industriesdemand supermarketWhether food is made by nutritionists or just mere food industries which are manufacturing what is selling, fresh food has been, is and will always be best. We are the author of change, we can and should put pressure on them by demanding fresh food and the more we are demanding fresh food and not having packaged food products or diminishing our consumption of these products, the less of these packaged foods we will see and the more fresh food will see. We will never know exactly how many lives we can spare for adopting this healthy alternative.As always, your views are precious to us. Please leave your comments below. Peace.

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