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Dangers of Drinking Boiled Water Plus Better Alternatives

Hello precious reader and welcome to my new post about water! Today I am going to talk about boiled water. If you read my previous post here, you already know that growing up the main drinking water I knew was boiled tap water until I started traveling…..that’s when I was fully exposed to bottled water but still would take boiled water…and more boiled water, and more boiled water for many years…. So what’s boiled water?

Boiled water, what is it?

Well, this is a kinda stupid question honestly, right? Everyone knows what boiled water is. It is self explanatory but indulge me a bit here in allowing me to be redundant! Ahaha(#laughs)! boiled water is just water that is boiled and in this context used as drinking water. This water can be clear water from the tap, streams, rain or springs, etc. That, in a nutshell ,is boiled water.

Benefits of boiling water

Boiling water has some advantages. This kills close to 99% of all the pathogenic organisms including giardia, cryptosporidium, any waterborne viruses such as hepatitis A which is considered more heat resistant than some, e.coli, legionnaire disease, cholera, etc. all of these microbes and bacteria are eliminated by heat. The water has to be boiled at 100ºC or one rolling boil. One rolling boil is what the automatic electric kettle does just before it switches itself off, when it is bubbling around, doing a vigorous boil. Most microbes and bacteria are killed at a much lower temperature than that. It is recommended to let the water boil vigorously for longer than 1 minutes even up to 3 minutes or above to kill as many pathogenic organisms and microbes as possible especially the ones that are very much heat resistant.

Why Boiled water is bad for you…

Despite the absence of pathogens and microbes in boiled water, this water still contains heavy metals which cannot be killed at high temperature. These are for instance : chlorine, mercury, arsenic, lead, fluoride etc. we are still exposed to these dangerous and poisonous metals even after boiling our water. There are loads of chemicals in the tap water for instance : pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. These chemicals are put in there in the purification process and some of them come from the surrounding atmosphere and lands in the water. As you subdue your body to this water, over time these toxins build up inside until the body can no longer fight them off. Many of them accumulate in the bones and tissues and may manifest in the form of cancer or some other disease. Therefore I strongly advice to : #backOffFromBoiledWater

So what do I do?

So what should I do, you may ask…should I drink water straight up from the tap? What about bottled water? Well, I am neither advocating for tap water nor for bottled water. Go here to learn more about tap water. The alternatives are either to distill your water or get very good water filters for your sinks in the house: kitchen, bathroom(s), toilet(s); as well as your  shower head(s). Most of the water filters contain activated charcoal which will help get rid of much of the heavy metals and toxins contained in the water. You can find more information about water filtering and distillation here.

Thank you very much for sticking this far. So what do you think about boiled water? Please let us know in the section below. Peace!

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