Why you should never drink water or any type of fluids with a meal. Plus digestion tips.

We are all familiar with the habit of having our water close by when taking a meal. After all, could there be a more perfect time to have a fresh glass of water or juice or cold/icy tea or even a hot cup of tea than when having our meals? I could have never agreed […]

Is distilled Water Safe To Drink? - What You need to know before Drinking or Bashing It.

Greetings to you my most precious reader and welcome to my new ‘podcast’! Today I am going to talk about water!Water again?!I can hear someone complain in the background. Ahaha! I hear you dear, I have been talking about water for quite sometime now. Yes! Water again! I think one can never go wrong in […]

Dangers of Drinking Boiled Water Plus Better Alternatives

Hello precious reader and welcome to my new post about water! Today I am going to talk about boiled water. If you read my previous post here, you already know that growing up the main drinking water I knew was boiled tap water until I started traveling…..that’s when I was fully exposed to bottled water […]