The health and fitness journey : Why you should not feel guilty when you don’t get it right all the times.

Hello dear friend and welcome to my website once again. Today I have decided to take a break from the normal way of doing things and get a bit real with you! You know many times we get caught up in the dos and donts we forget that we are human beings! That we are […]

Why you should never drink water or any type of fluids with a meal. Plus digestion tips.

We are all familiar with the habit of having our water close by when taking a meal. After all, could there be a more perfect time to have a fresh glass of water or juice or cold/icy tea or even a hot cup of tea than when having our meals? I could have never agreed […]

Is distilled Water Safe To Drink? - What You need to know before Drinking or Bashing It.

Greetings to you my most precious reader and welcome to my new ‘podcast’! Today I am going to talk about water!Water again?!I can hear someone complain in the background. Ahaha! I hear you dear, I have been talking about water for quite sometime now. Yes! Water again! I think one can never go wrong in […]

What Is The Best Water Purification System? Plus Mother Nature free gifts to us

Water is such a big deal in life that we cannot just simply take it lightly and settle for any ‘clear’ water that is readily available. We have to be cautious about the water we drink: where does it come from? What does it contain? And if possible at which percentages? All these inquiries are […]

Water Fasting Health Benefits : Reset Your System and Start Afresh.

Some of the questions that came to me a few months in the health and fitness journey were : ‘why my healthy eating and exercising aren’t helping much ?’and ‘what can I do to start seeing the positive changes?’. Hello dear reader! And welcome back to my site! Today I’m going to talk about a […]

Science Based Green Detox Review : Increase your energy level and do more

What is Science Based Green Detox? Science Based Green Detox is a superfood detox supplement powder created by fitness expert Thomas Delauer founder of SixPackAbs. It contains over 10 key superfoods. The Green Detox main purpose is to help fully detoxify the body, getting rid of toxins. Moreover, the vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants  within Green […]

The Flat Belly Fix Review : Say goodbye to your stubborn belly fat TODAY!!

Flat Belly fix, the story behind. The story behind the creation of this program is a great one. Todd Lamb, who is the man behind it, had a great challenge when his marriage and family life was crumbling due to his wife gaining weight massively despite the many diets and weight loss programs they had […]

Tanglewood Wellness Center review : Revitalize your body

Product : This is a Center that runs experts supervised water fasting. Price : Prices below are based on double-occupancy. Normally people are placed into twos unless they want to have their private room which will mean $50.00 extra fee per day. Also, for people who cannot make it to Costa Rica physically, there is […]

Water fasting programs and resources reviews

Here are some of the programs that one can adhere to for a water fasting experience. Depriving your body of all sort of nutrients from outside and allowing it to feed only on the stored ones from the many years of eating can be a very difficult but rewarding experience through which the body can […]