Fast Way To Health (FWTH) , Fasting Summit Review : Speed Up Your Way to close to Perfect Health

Product : Fast Way to Health of FWTH is an online platform that offers numerous resources and live events(masterclasses, discussions, and advanced training sessions) on fasting and health. One of them being the Fasting Summit.; which is being reviewed here. Price : This product is offered in packages, the summit is in three parts. You can […]

Tanglewood Wellness Center review : Revitalize your body

Product : This is a Center that runs experts supervised water fasting. Price : Prices below are based on double-occupancy. Normally people are placed into twos unless they want to have their private room which will mean $50.00 extra fee per day. Also, for people who cannot make it to Costa Rica physically, there is […]

Water fasting programs and resources reviews

Here are some of the programs that one can adhere to for a water fasting experience. Depriving your body of all sort of nutrients from outside and allowing it to feed only on the stored ones from the many years of eating can be a very difficult but rewarding experience through which the body can […]

Natural internal body cleansing: best way to help your body absorb nutrients once again

Well, we want to improve our health. We have all these types of diets at our disposal and probably have picked one. But before we do that, we have to acknowledge that no matter how good the diet is, even when you may clean up your diet there may be some stubborn substances or residues […]