Before you start your health and fitness journey

The buzz around health and fitness can really make someone do some ‘crazy’ stuff like stop everything they are doing, even throw away all their ‘delicious’ meal and make them run to the gym, sign up for a gym membership or just put on the jogging shoes and off they go…with the mounting awareness around being healthy, leading a healthy lifestyle, looking good (I mean not having extra weight ), it’s easy to feel guilty and just throw yourself on a treadmill…. This might sound a bit exaggerated but believe you me it has happened to me… I remember watching these videos about the dangers of living a sedentary life, feeding on junk food and drinks, not drinking enough water or no water at all and right there and then I went to drink water, started jotting a list of resolutions one of them being signing up for a gym membership but before I did, I started jogging the next day; I jogged so hard that I ran out of breath……and spent the next few days debilitated and in recovery mode.Yes, exercise is good! Yes, dieting or eating healthy is good but before we impose changes to our bodies we need to exercise our right to information. It is better to be safe than sorry says the wise woman. When you have been out of shape for a very long time if not all the time, it can be very hazardous and dangerous to just embark on the journey of health and fitness especially if this involves out of the ordinary dietary plans or/and exercising, before equipping yourself with some piece of knowledge that might save you some medical bills or even your dear life.In this article, I am going to address some of the things to help you as you embark on the health and fitness journey. So sit tight, relax and enjoy the ride….

Grab your pen and paper
define your whyYeah! I guess you are wondering: what’s the heck are these for? Well, I’ll explain: these items are for you to write down the : ‘why’ you are embarking on this journey. I find it very helpful each time I know why I am doing what I’m doing. It gives me that laser blade focus and help me stand the trials and tribulations I am more or less likely to find along the way as I’m marching toward the “prize”. Research shows that when people take the time to have this conversation with themselves they are less likely to quit or give up on a good decision when faced with hardship. And hardship you’ll find on this journey my dear friend! For so many years your body has become the mind telling you when to eat and what to eat and how much to eat(the same applies to drinking)and now you are trying to take control out of its hands! Do not expect it to just let go without a fight and a fierce one!

See your doctor/health practitioner visit your doctor before you start the health and fitness journey

If you are just starting an exercise program or if you have not been exercising for a relatively long period or if you have any health concerns, you should see your health practitioner or doctor first and make sure that you’re cleared for any type of exercising be it light, moderate, vigorous or strenuous exercise. Despite the many benefits that we know exercising can benefit us, we also have to bear in mind that exercise may harm or kill us. As much as people may laugh when they hear that, it is true. It is very important to be aware that exercising is stressful on the body(cardio-vascular system, muscles, joints, etc.) and can be even more stressful especially when you have just started or have been off for quite sometime. You need to know what is going on with your body while exercising to stay safe.

Inform yourselfinform yourself

Knowledge is power’, the wise man said; thus before embarking on the health and fitness journey, inform yourself on what diet is best to complement your exercising. Not all food is healthy we know that but also, not all healthy food is best for you in terms of helping you maximize your chances of getting to the healthy and fit land ‘quickly’ and ‘smoothly’. Let face it, tough it’s not a get there quick fix and will take time but some food are better complements than others depending on your goals so take time to do some sound research on what is really best for you. You may need to see a dietician(why not?) or talk to friends /relatives who are well-versed in the health and fitness world to help you with this, so do not be shy ! Reach out! You’ll be amazed at how much support there is out there!

Food food food, water water watereat well and hydrate

Yeah, yeah, yeah…. I know what you might be thinking! ‘food again?’, yes dear , I get the feeling but yes! Food again! Exercise while you are malnourished or exercise while you have toxicity in the body will do more damage than good . Before exercising, you should make sure that your body is properly hydrated and nourished. Make sure that you are very well nourished that your body is safe to release the weight, the stored hydration and energy. By boosting up your nutrition, it is much easier to exercise. If you are really missing important nutrients , not from supplements but from proper food(solid or liquids), the body is more likely to get injured or get strained too much. Thus, before exercising, increase healthy nutrition and decrease toxicity in your body, then exercise.

Start small, Start somewhere

start exercising at a small scale ,increase gradually‘Do not despise the days of small beginnings’, the wise Saint Paul told the young Timothy! You have defined your ‘why’, seen your health physician, you have done your research and started eating healthy and water is now your twin sister(ahaha! yes dear) next stop? : Start somewhere, start small. Even a 15 to 30 minutes walk or slow run is great. Gradually increase the strain/load depending on the type of exercising you opted for. Make sure to record your progress and stay in touch with your doctor , friends and family for safety and accountability. Always remember your ‘why’ you are embarking on this journey. It will be very tough at times, especially in the beginning and as you are gradually pushing boundaries. Do not over push though, be kind to your body you’ve got only one. However, remember that by pushing it, you are being kind to it too. I’m sure it won’t understand now and will rebel but one day, it’ll thank you. This is what they call “tough love” I guess.

Thanks my precious reader for reading this far.I’m sure I did not cover all the points,I’ll be more than happy to learn from you too or just your thoughts on this content. So please leave your comment/thoughts in the section below. Peace.

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