Is distilled Water Safe To Drink? - What You need to know before Drinking or Bashing It.

Greetings to you my most precious reader and welcome to my new ‘podcast’! Today I am going to talk about water!Water again?!I can hear someone complain in the background. Ahaha! I hear you dear, I have been talking about water for quite sometime now. Yes! Water again! I think one can never go wrong in […]

What Is The Best Water Purification System? Plus Mother Nature free gifts to us

Water is such a big deal in life that we cannot just simply take it lightly and settle for any ‘clear’ water that is readily available. We have to be cautious about the water we drink: where does it come from? What does it contain? And if possible at which percentages? All these inquiries are […]

Dangers of Drinking Boiled Water Plus Better Alternatives

Hello precious reader and welcome to my new post about water! Today I am going to talk about boiled water. If you read my previous post here, you already know that growing up the main drinking water I knew was boiled tap water until I started traveling…..that’s when I was fully exposed to bottled water […]