Body composition in physical fitness

In a previous article, I wrote on body composition but solely on a chemical point of view and as such, the emphasis was on the various chemical elements that make up the human and at approximately what percentage each. Researches have shown that the main elements that mainly make up the body mass are eleven […]

What is a human body made of? Physiologic composition of a human body

It is said that an average human body contains about 45 liters of water, enough salt to fill a salt shaker, enough carbon to give two bags of charcoal, enough calcium to give a small can of white paint, enough phosphorous to give 2,200 match boxes, enough iron to yield one or two 25 millimeters […]

Defining Health and Fitness

Today more than ever before , more and more people are getting interested in improving their health and becoming more fit for various reasons.But have you ever wondered what’s health? or fitness ? If we want  to boost health, or fitness isn’t it fair to know what these are and how , if possible, to […]